You want to know a secret?

When I feel alone and drown myself in sorrow

I close my eyes and slip away

And leave it for tomorrow

You want to know a secret?

Now and then, it’s too easy to tell a lie

And the worst part is, she won’t even notice

Or remember, so she can deny

The fact that she puts on an innocent face

And promised she would honestly never

And denying, well that just adds to the list

And just makes her even more clever

You want to know a secret?
It’s difficult to get up every day

When I know that I when I look in the mirror

I want to throw it all away

I get out of bed, I rub my head

 And feel like time is slowing down

I feel like my feet are stuck in quicksand

And before I know it, I’ll deepen and drown

But the quicksand, I realize is not what it seems

Not just a mistake through my eyes

It’s put there to finally knock sense into me;

It’s a marsh of every one of her lies

The lies that I honestly knew were untrue

And yet I just let her be

And well, I can say that karma’s a bitch

‘cause now it’s caught up to me

I always felt that one mean word can start a trend

Break a heart, and lose a friend

Now karma overrides it, too

What you say comes back to you

Drowning in hate, sorrow, I’m broken

But half of me has me still filled

I’m broken, but why would I want to go

And destroy what I happened to build

You want to know a secret?

The grass is always greener, so it’s stated

‘cuz through their eyes my life is perfect

Perfection’s overrated

You want to know a secret?

After the years, I’m still in love with him

And one more is I have no idea

How to escape this puzzle I’m in

My heart is in two

I never want to feel this way once more

And at the same time my heart can’t resist

The boy who broke it before

You want to know a secret?

I don’t know where my tears are coming from

But where ever it is, well, they won’t stop

They dance to the beat of their drum

And not mine, well, you see that’s a problem

And another one that I can’t undo

And I know something that you don’t know:

I honestly haven’t a clue

Of why all this shit is happening to me

My heart feels like it’s drowning in sorrow

I guess that I’ll just go to sleep

And see how I feel tomorrow