There’s one yellow flower that bloomed on a tree

It’s all alone staring back at me

The contrast of yellow against the green

It bleeds a beauty forever obscene

Obscene to the eyes

Of the truth that lies

Behind the blanket that beauty devise

The bare naked soul bathes in lies to conceal

The bitter truth; lies hiding what’s real

‘Cause no matter what you say or do

Your conscious wants what isn’t you

It creeds more lies the better you’ll be

Because your hiding what they won’t see

Now what it can’t, I guess it could

‘Cause what it’s not, it bets it would

All hate and wars are based on lies

‘Cause we were created for caring, not cries

If the word was a flower, it wouldn’t be green

It’d shine a color that’s never been seen

It wouldn’t be purple or orange or blue

It WOULD be a rainbow, what color suits you?

You may want to fit in when you stand alone

but your head must hold high; never cower

‘Cause we would all stand hand in hand

If the world was that

Yellow Flower.