What is peace, dear diary?

This is my desire, see,

I wonder just what could have been

Previous to this position we’re in

When men did not lift up swords against nations

When skin was not slashed due to different foundations

When eyes didn’t shriek out to wide, open space

Hating a brother because of his race

Who are we, journal, to fight on this earth?

To assume a religion proves what a man’s worth

A blind man sees nothing, and others see all

Does this mean the others will make this man fall?

Because, in a fight, since the differing views

Taking one’s life is what anger can choose

When put on this planet, when brought to this place

We had the same “nothing” throughout every race

No clothes on our backs, or no hate in our eyes

Innocence dies, watching loathing arise

Only a child who hasn’t seen war

Could show to the world what true life is for

To laugh and to talk, and to learn and to play

To ignore what’s tomorrow and live for today

But, journal, at what point of life’s windy course

Did we all forget we come from the same source?

Each of us dwells under unending skies

And are blessed to see sunsets before our awed eyes

We all must drink water, we all must eat food

No matter what race or religion is viewed

The young who are living in young purity

Know not of the hate coming with maturity

The young will embrace the love in one other

 Despite different looks, beliefs, or another

The children would love each from various kin

Blind to the differing colors of skins

Somewhere along the path we call life

Do we learn arts of racism, hatred, and strife

I dreamed of a life, once, where happiness meant

The Jews and the Muslims united, content

Where the meaning of “racist” would be just a fable

And disgust towards a skin color thrown off the table

A world where delight is an equal belief

Hands held between nations would cause me relief

But then I awoke, and I cried and I cursed

It’s a hope at the best and a myth at the worst

And yet then, throughout the heart-breaking tears

The wish for peace I’ve held onto for years

It may have a chance, one day, will revive

The heart of the hope, it will beat now, alive

One day, we’ll all sing, we’ll all rejoice

By one child’s love, by one child’s voice

The fate and the future now lie in their hands

The time for tomorrow is soon when one stands

And thinks a thought from innocent love

That is just out of reach on the back of a dove

That dove of peace, with its holy wings

Holds truth, in peace, it righteously sings

And soon someday, we will all sing too

Then I’ll be holding hands with you

Dear Diary