I told myself repeatedly I wouldn’t fear the sun

That as it’s crawling through the shades, I’d pause before I run

And stand directly ‘fore the rays of day’s appalling light

And smile through the misery that’s severing my sight

Through the dark, exquisite night, before the twilight falls

I’d gather all my strength, and then I’d build defensive walls

I’d shape a brace around my spine to aid my bended back

And breathe in luminescent light, supplying strength I lack

The whispers thickening the black will hug my weightless hand

Convincing absent rays of love they’ll shame the place they stand

And words of notice serenade in night’s undying preach

That one mere glance of notice is how for I’ll ever reach

Suppress the ache for something waiting farther than these walls

And realize it’s bound to be when prospect never calls

But notwithstanding tendency of midnight’s brutal truth

The weight will make me recognize the innocence of youth

That though I bathe in darkness of the ancient, handsome night

Vibrant to my base, I am a child born of light

And though the mask of sundown holds the will to make me strong

The brilliance of morning is the home, which I belong

So as I stand with courage ‘tween these still and silent walls

And slowly, slowly, slowly, as the threat of morning falls

The walls that once were dimming are now touched by warmth of sun

I lift my arms above my head and, darkness, I have won