Sitting on the shore, the ocean mirroring the sun

With that calming warm sea breaze that tugs our hair undone

With my beautiful family that’s never apart

I’m with the ones I love, a song on replay in my heart

With that one true friend who I know I can trust

Because being my sister is her strongest lust

With that one special boy who can best match you

Because you know what you fall, he’ll be there to catch you

Standing on the sidewalk, free from any form of strife

A smile tugging on my lips, I know this is the time of my life

The time when I graduate highschool, a diploma in my hand

I’ll avert my heart to a few years back, I’ll look back to the time of my life

When I drive ‘round U.S with my girlfriends, laughing my heart out with joy

I’ll somehow think of that one true friend, I’ll look back to the time of my life

When I stand in a beautiful, flowing white gown, gazing to the eyes of my love

I’ll remember that face of the one special boy, I’ll look back to the time of my life

When I sit on a beach with it’s sunset, cradling my sweet new baby

I’ll remember my family in this place, I’ll remember the time of my life

When I lie strengthless in a bed, wrinkles of wisdom blanketing my body

With just a few more moments

To laste one more memory

I’ll look back at the time of my life