Walking on the beach, my feet in the water

The sun streaming down and burning my skin

Defying the natural sways of the sea

Forward, forward

The ocean moving on its own course

Forward, forward

Music is playing softly in the background

Coming from speakers

Listened by sleepers

Joggers, waiters

Writers, haters

Even by me

But the sea does not listen

In fact, it makes its own music

An ocean symphony

Sweet and bitter

And all of the everything in this world

Mixed into one beautiful song

An ocean symphony

The waves playing the main part

The infinite base

The center of its song

The center of my ocean symphony

The hum of the wind

Sings whispers of tune

Each one person

Who chooses to listen

Hears their own version

It’s own tune

Of the ocean symphony

Every step a person takes

Every run to get ice-cream

Or every run to lose it

Works together to form one drum beat

Boom, boom

One heart beat

Boom, boom

The heartbeat of the ocean symphony

Not at all what you think of as music

Everything, the only thing I want to fill my ears

To fill my heart

I close my eyes

And take another step

Just one more beat of its heart

To make the ocean symphony

Just a little more beautiful

Than it was before