It’s funny

Eery quiet sliced the paralyzing silence
The blinding lights
Searing like fire
Covered my eyes like a blanket of sun
A light so vigorously bright
That’s it’s dark
As dark as
It’s funny
My memories reflect stories of hell
Like standing on a pedestal
In a sea of children
An ocean of words
Of pointing fingers
Of names
As tears run down my stained cheeks
Stained from the scars
Of the lies you told
Adding to the scars
Of the memories
Like a picture in a fire
Yet always there
In the back of my mind
Reminding me
Of the yesterday i desperately tried to turn from
It’s funny
The childish fears
Burned away along with yesterday’s lies
Followed me to the edge of the cliff
Where I stand
And peer to the horizon
What will tomorrow bring?
What good can I do in this world?
Where do I belong?
It’s funny
The sad brown eyes I stare at in the mirror
Mimicking my movements
Crying like me
Screaming like me
Bleeding like me
Is, in fact not me
Just a replica of the girl I am
Of the woman I once was
For the shattering scream emitting from my lips
Leaking from the cracks of my broken heart
Shatters the me in the glass
Maybe the glass is me
Shattered, shattered
Broken, torn and tattered
Maybe I am the girl in the mirror
and the girl in the mirror is me
For I am not there
And neither is she
it’s funny