Cries in the eyes of an angel

That which life had torn off her wings
Stolen her halo, captured her light
But the heart of the angel still sings
It’s round and big and broken
Her innocence is bound
Because her wings are torn apart
She’s cursed to walk the ground
All her life, she’s waiting
For her light to be renewed
But wicked life refused to bend
Her tears are once more cued
But wings can tear and tatter
And halos can be taken
But pride and hope is forever angel’s
The truth cannot be faken
She hopes that she can fly
Till then she wants to live
She wants to make the best of it
And take what life can give
Because there is light in darkness
And happiness in tears
There’s a way you can survive
And reach the extent of the years
So angel will keep singing
And be the best she can be
And one day life will give back light
Because that angel is me