Like the beat of his steps that stomp ‘cross the floor

Or the whistle of wind as he closes the door

Like the bitter sweet tune that you play, just for me

Mi cancion es solo por ti

Like the strange, blissful smile you leave on my lips

Or the way that you dance keeps me swaying my hips

Like the whole hearted glee of just one memory

Mi sonrisa es solo por ti

Like the pain of the scars that you dare leave behind

Or the dazzled effect that you leave on my mind

Like your unnerving presence as calm as the sea

Mi fustracion es solo por ti

Sus ojos verdes, rien de usted

Why does your laugh always play in my head?

Why don’t your eyes stop engulfing my brain?

When is the point I’ll be rendered insane?

Just like you never fail to say,

“Yo siempre te amare”,

Just like the handcuffs that link me to you

Mi solo amor eres tu

Y mi corazón que es su
Te amo, Te amo
Yo soy solo por ti