Secret hiding monsters prey

No one to chase the monster away

just a belt, one thick as leather

And just a fist to keep her together

Just a fist to keep her in line

Just a fist to say this retard is mine

Not mine to say as mine as a daughter

Just mind to say as she’s mine to slaughter

The secret hiding monsters prey

Has one more chance to chase the monster away

A strong mind to think, a strong voice to sing

But sinks like a rock with just one broken wing

With one more chance to take off and fly

The monster’s prey soars like an angel in the sky

Angel opens the door and slips into the night

Take off, you’re beautiful angelic light

Crying, screaming, kicking, bleeding

No more strife and no more needing

Just the shifting, lively night

Just the dark to fill her appetite

Three hours into the lively sleep

Her walking feels like water, so deep

The dark of the night didn’t satisfy

Even if night didn’t make her cry

With a stifled sob angel turns around

She finds a loaded gun on the ground

She bends to the floor about to take it

But she stands back up, her soul to shake it

She will get through this, dead or alive

The dead in the best, but not dead she will strive

She’s standing in front of her painful haven

She is now like a rock when she once was a raven

Just like before, her wing has a tear

The angel is down, she cries in despair

She walks toward the door, her mom on the other end

She can feel she has much of pain to befriend

Drowning in shame, she opens the door

And slips into hell, one much worse as before

By the end of the night, her tears came to a stop

Eyes came to a close, our hearts came to a drop

The secret hiding monsters prey

Has reach the dawn, the last breath of her day

For her loving mommy, one that hit her to bed

Had hit her and smacked her till angel is dead

There is an angel that swims in your pool

Lives across the street or learns in your school

Every person knows at least one other

That was or is abused, one way or another

You may not know it, but it is true

One kid that needs help might be standing next to you

So if you know a secret, don’t let it hide

And you’ll take one step to stop abuse worldwide