she sees a man at the side of her eye
on the corner of route fifty seven
at that moment she knows that she must meet this guy
that his lips could compare just to heaven

he meets the eyes of a beautiful girl
while driving to Ruths in his car
by the way that this girl spins his head in a whirl
he knows him and Ruth wont get far

He looked at me! she thinks with a gasp
and blushes but cant mask her smile
shes gripping wheel in such a strong grasp
its the first time shes grinned in a while

for once hes glad hes stuck in traffic
cause her smile is worth it and more
and he thinks his mind is playing a trick
cause hes never been nervous before

she doesnt see much but his deep hazel eyes
and the dimple so cute in his cheek
but she doesnt know why she feels butterflies
or why does his gaze make her weak

he knows that the traffic wont last for forever
and he has to just hear her voice
hes nervous but he learned to never say never
even if no is her choice

with shaking hands he opens the window
in nervousness, she does the same
he says hi, she replies with hello
and he thoughtfully asks for her name

Amber she says, and his smile returns
and his player facade has been torn
and this is surprising, like ice truly burns
cause hes been playing since he has been born

his nerves overtake him and lips are stuck
like her smile is acting as glue
and though shes reluctant, she thinks what the hell
and grins and asks him how are you?

they talk and talk and smile and laugh
before the traffic clears
he knows her age, 21 and a half
her name and best times through the years

the traffic starts moving and they know they must too
and they both get some tears in their eyes
he then throws a paper, says this is for you
after they say their goodbyes

confused and yet hopeful she opens the note
and cant believe what he said
on the face of the paper, he clearly wrote
youll always be stuck in my head

on the other side, he wrote his name
his number, and a smile
she knows that her grin, without shame
is destined to last for a while

thirty years later, theyre happily married
their dreams reached to farthest extent
cause after the years of being in love
their baby girl is president

so i think we all realize the point of this
we only live once, so let go
cause one great time could lead to bliss
live, love, and never say no