Yellow carpet foliage. 

Papyrus trills matted with rainfall, 

pressed by stepping sneaker soles

and ironed by baby carriage wheels. 


Ruffles lift with the wind, 

catch its rush under loose edges, 

bend to wistful provocations of flight. 


But these leaves hold their ground. 

Steadfast, stubborn like concrete. 

Mark their sidewalk space 

and weave Autumn rugs 

from curbside to doorframe. 


Here, a blanket to catch our footfalls. 

Frail threads pile to cushion our heels, 

cradle the weight of our hurry

as we grind our boots into its permanence—

Its life, a temporary thing. 


A welcome matt for cooler days. 

These leaves invite our stepping

until winter crawls too close

to warrant welcome strolls.