I know that I have given you my only heart and soul

Now I feel as if all of this is taking up my toll

Feeling as though my soul is torn apart

I have yet to figure why I gave you my broken heart

All my pain and sadness fallen into one lonely tear

Now I feel like I’m stuck in a place where I can’t see or hear

It’s like I flying, wandering in the open space

Instead of feeling wonderment, I feel like I lost the race

I grip onto the handlebars of time as I understand

That though you said you meant it, you didn’t want to hold my hand

You didn’t want to hug me, or share my real first kiss

You told me that you love me, now you’re the one to miss

Yet here I am, holding on, grips are as hard as I could

But knowing from the flashbacks when I fell, you understood

You understood the suffering you really put me through

And yet if you actually understood, you would actually be true

True to me, true to life, killing all the lies

Instead of seeing opposite I’d see honesty in your eyes

But I should have know the truth, about you and your black letter

You never stopped the lying, you’ve only gotten better

Blocked all your calls, blocked all your “love”, blocked you out from my life

Blocked out all the untruthfulness, the worrying and strife

Blocked out all your winter heart, and anything ever colder

And now I feel free, like the entire world was lifted off my shoulder

No more tears, no more trouble, no more suffering from then

No more strife, no more worrying, no pain ever again

The teardrop that held my life’s story to display

I took my pointer finger and forever wiped it away