Lonely nights without your touch
Falling tears, I miss you so much
You told me we are meant to be
a secret, undying prophecy
Or just a false scene from the prophet, you
‘Cause I’ve shared my heart with not one but two
And though feelings with them never boosted extremes
They told me they always saw me in their dreams
They told me my eyes filled their heart and their head
And not just “I like you”, “I love you” instead
‘Cause love is a word that means so much
Painful pleasure that’s aching to touch
Need their hand in yours to keep love alive
And their constant sight they yearn to survive
And though I’ll admit that I like you a lot
And though our talks hit the right spot
I barely even know the meaning of love
The answer is tied to the wings of a dove
Thats flying an inch away from my grasp
But yearning to love it’s magnificent clasp
‘Cause though love is pleasure
Well pleasure is pain
And dividing the two adds confusion to gain
To gain to your mind, to your heart, to your soul
‘Till pleasure and pain drive you out of control
Though I’ll grant I’m devoted from the start
Is it really possible to fix this broken heart?
Am I like your car, so easy to mend?
Am I in love or are you just a friend?
Questions like this arouse in my heart
But I know that my mind was confused from the start
Confused, insecure, self-concious, hurt, too
It’s a reflex for me to put a show on for you
Laughing and dancing and flirting with ease
You really believe that? please, just please.
Inside the mask, beyond the facade
I’m a small broken girl who’s been terribly played
By my own best friend, handsome name for a sound
Who chewed me up, swallowed me, then spat me to the ground
But you would never do that, love?
Would you? To me?
If there’s a God somewhere up there
I pray he’ll set me free
Release the shackles you’ve tied ’round my heart
Keeping its breaks from falling apart
‘Cause though broken hearts leave you shaking in pain
Bemusing questions are ones you can’t tame
Ones you can’t hide, or keep the world from knowing
And a broken heart doesn’t have to be showing
Over time you’ll learn to deal
You’ll learn to live off the feelings you feel
You’ll realize that you can hide what’s true
You’ll see i’ll conceal my tears from you
The sound of the tears that drop to the floor
And grew your fears ’till your less a soul than before
A ghost of a smile with sober eyes
‘Cause light is filled with too many lies
I’m supposed to not love you, supposed to move on
Words simple as a healed heart drew with a crayon
Drew by a child, the girl i once was
When will God help me find the piece in the puzzle
It’s missing
It’s missing
Where is it, love?