You say I’m grown-up when all I am is a child

You say I’m mature when I want to be wild

You say I stand strong when I’m really naïve

You say I make choices adults would believe

What you don’t know is that’s not true

Just look at what’s in front of you

I’m shy and I’m lonely, I still make mistakes

Unintentionally, I pounce on heart-breaks

With a sensitive story still lingering now

I decide to strike all that tingling, how?

How could I do it? Why would it seem

That all of a sudden I’m making you scream?

Well the fact is, honey, that I’m just a kid

And I’m just as confused as it’s started to rid

The story is spreading, my name on the line

Like a contract to questioning, my name’s left to sign

‘Cause I still haven’t noticed that this has occurred

And their rage and my innocence leaves me absurd

‘Cause “I know what’s right” and “I’m never thirteen”

And “I stand from the crowd of the normalcy scene”

It’s not what I want, but just tell me one time

When something you want just appeared line for line

And while I sing my heart out in joy

I call my mere crush a deep love for a boy

A boy who blissfuly makes my heart pound

A boy who the world thinks is my spirit bound

A boy who is funny and sweet all in one

A boy who they think is my evident sun

A boy who I finished ‘cause I broke the line

A boy I now know thought he’d always be mine

A boy who I yearned for than anything more

He longed to come in but I just shut the door

Maybe the message that I sent is good

That I’m just a kid, as childish could

But my mind is a mix of both tears and remorse

For beating their wounds with unintentional force

And I know now the mistakes that I’ve done

And now I’m just waiting for this to overcome

But the things I’ve learned will play their part

And I keep a small space for him place in my heart