I think I love

I think a lot

Cause my heart falls and my mind faught

It fights too much, its love is tight

Its wings are tied like handcuffs in spite

Of the love that runs through my veins

And the innocence that drives it insane

It says my heart is too naive

To try to convince my mind to believe

That love is good, is pure, is right

Sarcastic voice says yes despite

Despite the toll it yearns to take

Despite the promise of heartbreak

Despite it needs no doctor or nurse

Despite the fact that love is a curse

Well if love is a curse than spite me please

And never cure what weaks my knees

What makes me laugh and stretches my smile

And makes the feeling last for a while

But after the bliss of maybe a year

All that bliss will dissapear

Love is a meteor, the joy burns bright

But after some time, the joys out of sight

But then my heart smiles and shakes its head

Obtaining a sadness as heavy as lead

Says I hope someday youll realize

That life isnt just about sorrow or cries

Or the pain, the pain that tomorrow may bring

We all need a song, what song will you sing?

One about sadness? One stirring with bad?

Oh, my mind, that makes me sad

Ill pray everyday to the Lord how I tried

I pray some day that your wings are untied