The seconds turn into minutes, and one minute turns into two

The hours turn into days, every day I was missing you

Memories of me and you replay in my mind

The smiles I remember were so heartwarming and kind

Those were the kind of memories that I would want to treasure

 Using my mind as a blissful escape, the flash-backs that bring me pleasure

And every time I’d think of you just made me love you more

One drop of love it adds tugs my smile wider than before

And you are here for more than just to celebrate these days

You’re here to stretch our smiles wide and add love to our ways

Now is the moment I’ll cherish forever, the joy filling up to the max

And now is the moment I’ll take some time to state all of the facts:

I love you more than anything; you’re so huggable but the broadest

You’re beautiful, inside and out, exotic yet so modest

You really are a sight for sour eyes; for the common, you’re a view

I’m ready to jump to the moon and back to spend the holidays with you

My love for you cannot be compared

And to the world, now, my feelings are shared

Let’s keep it like this, promise me, we’ll both make a vow

I, Talia, swear on my life that nothing stands in our way now

Vow or not, the rule applies, I will not take no for reply

You will be trapped in my heart until the day that I die

So make us grin and make us laugh, with us we’re one, not two

I have to admit that it’s hard to describe the love that I feel for you