A pure pessimist dreads all new beginnings

An optimist searches for one

A realistic like me is stuck right in between

I’m hot and cold swirled into one

Excitement rushes, stepping onto that plane

Waiting three hours away

Escaping the snow, the winter, the cold

Arrive to vacation today

You anticipate to make new friends

And maybe to meet a nice guy

You grin and you think of a new world for you

Waiting just two hours shy

Who know that you’d earn a new best friend?

Or that home was one you won’t miss?

Who knew that you’d party all every night?

And who know that you’d share your first kiss?

Savor the moments, taste the sweet sun

Feel the sand under your feet

Grasp onto your happiness and never let go

Cuz happiness can end up incomplete

So how come we care to ride on the clouds

When hard ground’s waiting under the sky?

Why do we bother to say hello

When we know it all comes to goodbye?

Well, life is like a labyrinth

Infested with dark, sunlight too

And filled with doors, when one happens to close

Another one opens for you

So what should you do when you’re saying goodbye?

Smile, inside, I’d be singing

A new chapter opens, blank page and a pen

And remember it’s just the beginning