by Edna Levy Green, translated by Talia Green


My name, 

a gift from my birth

by parents who blessed its life

My name, 

that I’ve grown into

and grown with, 

my name in my hands. 

My name, loved 

by those who loved me

and I deserted, 

the name 

I let slip from my hands. 


Edna, oh Ednale

oh joy, oh peace. 

Without regretful pause, 

without hesitation, 

without a backward glance

it fell, my name

so long, I moved forward, steadfast. 


And now, I swear, 

for youI return. 


Return to my name, 

return to the Moledat

a homecoming, 

over my shoulder and steps toward

my Motherland, 

my name I left behind.