I inhale the sweet aroma of music

As my fingers fly across the black and white keys

Of my best friend

Of my life

Of my Piano

My blissful major chord fills the air

Like spilled, sweet milk emitting from my fingers

Defying the laws of gravity

and Drifting in free air

Free, free

The eery minor fall

Drifts down my throat

As i taste the bittersweet, magical notes

That lifts my lovely heart

Each time my fingertips skim the cool keys

A stray G minor drips

From the sides of my lips And

I like it up hungrily

As my song nears its end

I play my last chord with shivers down my back

And as I sit in the ringing silence

Sweet from the aftershock of music

Tears fill my eyes

As i wait in anticipation

For the next time

I experience

The heart-stopping taste

Of my Music