Deep in the meadow, I play with thee

With a velvet laugh from the start

For I can’t help but fall for he

Who healed my broken heart

In the grounds of play, I run with thee

‘Cause I know he’s one to follow

‘Cause sweet and exciting and funny is he

Who’s there when my heart is hollow

In everywhere, I dance with thee

With the music of our kiss

‘Cause strikingly beautifully charming is he

His soft voice alone gives me bliss

In the open grass, I lie with thee

Our hands locked under the sun

‘Cause loyal and faithful and loving is he

When our hearts doubt not to beat as one

In the lonely night, I grope for thee

Tears soaking the pillow I hold

‘Cause painfully painful and twisted is he

And this is love, so I’m told

In the midst of the day, I think about thee

But alone and strong I stand

‘Cause though today I trudge without he

Tomorrow I’ll be holding his hand