A world raining pleasure

Yet flooding with pain

Prohibiting madness

Established insane

Craving her blood

With a curse on his tongue

His lips dripping blessings

As sweet silence rung

With hearts, new starts

And question marks

Stabbing pain

Affectionate sparks

A whole new light

Though it’s striking night

The most beautiful monster

That captured her sight

Exquisite disasters

A heart-throbbing plea

Returning emotions

As he fell for me

His innocent eyes

Naive, loving, warm

And his black, depthless heart

Deceives blowing a storm

The promise for peace

And yet bound blood by war

And when pain won’t cease

What are promises for?

You captured my stare

And you cradled my love

With hatred you glare

My tears fall to above

Opposites linger

I promise I’ll grin

I swear it’s sincere

Despite problems I’m in

Engulfed in blue fire

That your eyes create

Though you I desire

It’s you that I hate