The majority of people under estimate the power of us 13 year olds

Stuck between child and adult

With no experience

No rights

But that’s a lie

we’ve had our fair share

of ups and downs

Tears of joy and sorrow

A life on an emotional rollercoaster

is never easy

It’s never easy

Defined by uncertainty, confusion


Always under

Aleays looking up

To people who aren’t worth our beautiful eyes

Our precious time

First job, first kiss

First broken heart

First times hurt the most

You don’t know the pain, didn’t expect it to happen to you

but suddenly it’s right before your eyes

Took your heart by surprise

And the pain comes hard

So hard

It hurts

But pain is a part of life

Darkness is woven in with light like day follows the darkest night

Without pain, we wouldn’t feel the pleasure of living

I know that now

I know because I’m 13