A moment behind’s now a mere broken truth

A moment we shared in our curled, broken youth

A leap from a girl striding six years behind

Who favors a man spent embracing her mind

This channel of love’s their conspicuous path

A crime by the hand of fate’s prosperous wrath

They stride on the edge, on the side of the blade

Catching each fault on their silent parade

During this moment of hesitant touch

With fear that a moment too soon’s just too much

They faltered with awe on this newfound terrain

And braided their fingers to steady the rain

Their new sense of certainty braced with their height

That they were each other’s if just for one night

All of the stories of love that she’s heard

She’s now bringing truth to each spirited word

They tread through the waters, propelled by their trust

Fueled by their hope and their hesitant lust

Elongated seconds that last their parade

Let romance imagine the morning’s mislaid

A moment’s a moment, as swift as the last

That seems its eternal ‘till moment has passed

See, time lapses quickly in yesterday’s eye

Only when dawn’s noticed breaking the sky

This channel was warmed by the fire they drew

Blind to their air fire penetrates through

The fire had died when a boulder had neared

When leaped back to land, all the warmth disappeared

A moment’s a moment, the best she has known

Now, free from the moment, she feels so alone

Without fire’s fever to cradle her high

She sinks to the concrete, suppressing her cry

The moment that’s passed is now carved into stone

A memory kept to not feel so alone

Through written words, where their romance is sworn

To wait for the rekindled moment reborn