Here’s to unstable grounds—

When the soil slopes sideways, 

sudden shifts, tectonic shock

from still terrain—

Your toes dig for traction 

but shaky Earth is numb

to balance in your feet. 


Here’s to this shaky Earth—

To quivers from its rocky core, 

to quakes that question your kneecaps, 

to ruptures that threaten your spine straight. 


Shockwaves emanate 

bristles up your back, 

call veteran hairs

across your arms. 

Imprint the Earth’s sideways into your normal. 


Here’s to the caves and the crevises, 

the potholes and the mudslides. 

Here’s to facing the unforeseen slopes, 

to scaling the motion 

from one peak down 

to new unstable ground. 


Stillness is in moments.

Let these fields condition your feet

to ride eruptions


your next moment’s peak.