Love is a difficult concept to hold

When a question of purity threatens to mold

With varying moments of levels of doubt

What’s this deceptive perfection about?

It’s almost as trying to sum up a word

And scratch it on paper to never be heard

Or seen in the eyes of your clandestine love

Or known in his heart, of the words you write of

See, love has a current so rarely controlled

So strain to evade its resilient hold

So build your resistance, a durable shield

And try to defy the force fondness will yield

Suddenly, though, one’s love broke through my dam

And morphed me to love being all that I am

I’d walk ‘cross the water that broke through my shield

If it means my affection’s no longer concealed

One day I will bury you in my embrace

I’ll feel your soft fingertips grazing my face

If just for a moment, three feet off the ground

I’ll melt to your voice’s sweet, serenely sound

A feeling has conquered the best of my cause

My on-flowing reason now halts in a pause

My future is paved by this humbling man

And I’ll lead to love him, as best as I can