About the author


Talia Ann Green possesses the passionate soul of a true artist, a distinctive quality reflected in her life, her philosophy, and her writing.

Her prose delves far deeper than one would expect, stylistically expressing emotion and experience through descriptive imagery.

An outgoing personality has made Talia a natural performer for as long as anyone can remember. Encouraged by a creative and supportive family atmosphere, her singing, acting, and writing abilities have flourished. A great appreciation for diversity and the arts has been enhanced through extensive cultural exposure, travel being a significant privilege for which she is grateful to obtain. Talia attends Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She studied at the National University of Ireland Galway, and is a graduate of the prestigious Bergen County Academies in Hackensack, New Jersey, where she attended The Academy for Visual and Performing Arts.

Talia is equally passionate about those less fortunate than her. A deep concern for those less privileged has led to countless hours devoted to charitable pursuits.

Read the works of Talia Green with an open mind, expect to hear a great deal more from her.