Archive | August, 2016


24 Aug

and now i feel as how i felt

before words on record players

lassoed the air between our lips,

lifted from the disc and strung our breaths together –

this was months ago.


and I am just as confused

just as lost

perhaps not as ready to open my mouth again,

because this record has a faint crack

running jagged down my rings,

and it seems I can’t make music

when the needle pokes fun at my imperfections.



24 Aug

petty excuses have piled up

over overuse,

they made sense at the time,

ringing around

and bound into this wooden crutch

held tight under my armpit.

it’s splintering under my weight

it has been


i hadn’t measured

how much,

and now my shoulder is

beginning to bruise a nasty brownish blue-

even my body knows

i need to trust my legs

and just


Bottled Gardens

24 Aug

imagine the elegant suffocation

the poignancy in crouched limbs,


stemmed necks intertwining

in curious proximity,


where personal space is

a feature of political correctness


deemed unnecessary and exhaustive

in such a progressive flower pot.


greens curls around greens,

and flowers lie lazily across each other’s petals


because in such an overpopulated bottle

they are one in the same


breathing each other’s air

sharing their share of communal sunlight

growing off of each other

growing bigger but they learn to live


life, it seems, learns to thrive

better in a glass bottle


than in open air outside