Archive | October, 2011

Cloud Nine

16 Oct

Just for a moment, I’m once again found

My feet momentarily touching the ground

Been more than forever since shoved from cloud nine

Fallen from heaven, a home I called mine

If just for a moment, before you reply,

I’d like to confess my heart’s still in the sky

There it remains, on the stand side our bed

Along with the promise of bliss in my head

I guess I was blind from the haze of our love

Or faint from no oxygen miles above

I guess the light shining around us was fake

Bound by the halo you took time to make

Guess I’m momentarily trapped by your spell

Forging a heaven that’s clearly a hell

In settings somehow just a breath from sun’s shine

Fooling my eyes on exquisite cloud nine

Through years since I’ve fallen, I’ve morphed to a soul

That’s practically soulless, a vapid black hole

Is now momentarily filled in my chest

But solitude’s pain is, in truth, for the best

‘Cause, moments ago, when I saw my reflection

I realized that I now decide my direction

I don’t need your lies to protect my frail youth

From this moment on, I’m defined by the truth

Your ice walls are crumbling, melting at last

But now I have vanished, the moment has passed

And you’ll walk this earth with a tear in your eye

And each moment wonder and glance at the sky


13 Oct

She’s looked upon with jealousy by those who pass her by

An angel drenched in innocence, compassion in her eye

But, that’s not just compassion causing her brown eyes to glint

She’d paralyze them into shock if they all caught a hint

When other eyes are shielded, silence simply sitting still

A shattered cry is broken lose, pain strong enough to kill

Waterfalls of tears fall free, leaking from her heart

Pathetic, worthless, stupid, strange, each word tears her apart

The liquid running through her veins has lost a sense of truth

Her eyes are dull, expressionless, neglecting her sweet youth

She’ll always be pathetic, she’ll always be alone

And what they see’s not what she felt, instead its what she’s shown

A flower bloomed, so beautiful, is none but one lone weed

A nun that’s praying to a God in whom she’ll never creed

A wolf that yearns to stray alone, but leader of the pack

When eyes are once more glued to her, a smile’s plastered back

She’s dealt for years and time again that life just isn’t fair

She comes back home into a place where Mom just doesn’t care

She’s waiting for the day when she can watch you from above

But it’s okay, ‘cause she is just the girl you’re jealous of