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26 Aug

I yearn for the pain just to know I can feel

And misery’s blessing confirming I’m real

To know that the teardrops that run through my soul

Aren’t the scars from your torturous toll

I live for the screams that I scream as I fall

‘Cause living for pain isn’t living at all

In agony’s shadow, I dwell where it’s cast

Called by the future but locked to the past

Come in on a secret but swear you won’t tell

My eyes display nothing I fell from this hell

I’m burning, I’m yearning relief from the pain

To shower you’re love but not drown in your rain

‘Cause every damn time someone calls our your name

I fall back again; I’m in love all the same

Fields of Awake

5 Aug

Imagination beyond oceans and seas

Wondrous worlds past the river of reality

Beyond the fields of awake

And the rainfalls of heart break

Into the world you don’t need to think

And you shouldn’t despair

For you will see it through, for this wondrous worlds will help you

The wondrous worlds

Life is but a dream of uncertainty

The small bird yearning to take wing

The small bird failing to soar

Too afraid for the swirling hard death at the bottom?

This small bird doesn’t worry about success

Wondrous worlds past the river of reality

Life is but a dream of the unlived life

You can, but you mustn’t

 Are you afraid to take the first step to paradise?

Afraid you might not make it?

You mustn’t be afraid

You cannot despair, you cannot fail, you cannot die

Beyond the fields of awake

Life is but a dream of that rose

Symboling love, the shrilling beautiful sound of that word

You fancy love as that beautiful girl

You are that beautiful girl, so beautiful

The love to your Prince Charming adding more beauty

More sunlight to your smile

Shining down on your Prince Charming

Till Prince Charming plants love into Cinderella

There is no crying till three in the morning

And there is no grasping onto your pillow, trying to relieve the pain

There are no tears of regret

Beyond the rainfalls of heartbreak

Life is not but a dream

But what you dream

May just one day become reality