Archive | April, 2011

Eating Music

11 Apr

I inhale the sweet aroma of music

As my fingers fly across the black and white keys

Of my best friend

Of my life

Of my Piano

My blissful major chord fills the air

Like spilled, sweet milk emitting from my fingers

Defying the laws of gravity

and Drifting in free air

Free, free

The eery minor fall

Drifts down my throat

As i taste the bittersweet, magical notes

That lifts my lovely heart

Each time my fingertips skim the cool keys

A stray G minor drips

From the sides of my lips And

I like it up hungrily

As my song nears its end

I play my last chord with shivers down my back

And as I sit in the ringing silence

Sweet from the aftershock of music

Tears fill my eyes

As i wait in anticipation

For the next time

I experience

The heart-stopping taste

Of my Music

Picture I Burned

4 Apr

Memories spark of a picture I burned

Relished of ash for the truth that I’ve learned

But what is truth? Can’t tell by those eyes

It’s hidden behind masks of effortless lies

For, emerging this thought set aflame by pure rage

Unlocks a preach taught inside life’s metal cage

Words are so fragile, so easily said

Yet sharp as a knife, leaving scars in your head

Your heart and your spirit take little to fool

Broken and tattered in one day at school

Words mask the hatred that runs through their minds

That’s hiding the pain only honesty finds

But honesty’s something that few can obtain

A soul that stood tall thought the winds and the rain

Experience teaches that hate’s to despise

Though hate is required through honesty’s eyes

It’s not hard to do if it happened to you

And you taught me that love’s a miracle, too

A miracle flipped in a blink of an eye

For life WILL hurt you, despite how hard you try

Thanks for the lessons you took time to teach

Tempting your love ‘fore my innocent reach

But your love was like candy sweet, absolute, sure

Till it’s forced down my throat isn’t sweet anymore

Let’s count all the promises, baby, you broke

Turning my love for you into a joke

Well thank you for stealing my innocent heart

Thousands of tears shed for you from the start

And now I watch the picture burn

Expressionless, numb, from the truth that I learn

The memory faded from present to not

To wait to remind me the lessons you taught