Archive | December, 2010

I Hear You

31 Dec

You’re in my mind, you’re always there
At least I know you’ll always care
My heart’s in tears, my wounds are bare
You’re on my side, you’re on my side

Like a spirit that lingers, holding my hand
Like the warmth in the feel of our toes in the sand
And though you’re there, and here I stand
You’re always there, you’re always there

I can’t breathe without your voice
I can’t breathe too much, for my choice
But sew back the seams, and then i’ll rejoice
I hear you, love, I hear you, love

Mirror, Mirror

4 Dec

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Who is he who stole my all?

Who gripped my heart, engulfed it in flame

And I don’t even know his name

Mirror, mirror from above

Where is he who stole my love?

Where he dwells and where he lies

Where he lives and where he dies

Mirror, mirror, who is she?

Who’s that girl that’s staring at me?

I turn to you, mirror, with you, I can’t hide

I stare at my face, but that’s not me inside

Mirror, mirror tell me the truth

What is the secret of struggling youth?

Why, every morning, I leap out of bed

When it leads to the heart-breaking tears that I shed

Mirror, mirror, yes it’s true

I’m a façade, now I’m turning to you

My life is amazing, yes, not to offend

But mirror, mirror, when does it end?

Mirror, all their answers are curt

Is it true that “time heals all hurt?”

That is the rule, guess I’m the exception

Where ever I go, it leads to deception

Mirror, mirror, first a boy

Who used my heart like a child’s toy

Then, from there, like the bridge of a song

Everything changed, everything’s wrong

So mirror, mirror, you’re in the sky

Answer my last battle cry

Turn to me before I fall

Mirror, mirror on the wall